We believe in Agile and Lean methodologies as a mean to reduce waste not only in software development but in the whole organization while our main activity is working on key roles in clients' software development teams on a contract base.

Our mission is to help introducing or optimizing the adoption of Agile and Lean techniques effectively, challenging and improving the current processes with the goal of triggering a positive innovation feedback loop which in the medium-long term will converge to maximization of business value.

Our holistic view of Agile will help spreading the culture of innovation and quality through continuous individual and shared learning at large scale, involving all the actors of the business.

Technically, we are specialized in the Microsoft stack software development, with focus on Web development: .Net framework, MVC, SQL Server, IIS are our most used tools. We are expert in Service Oriented architectures, with a focus on Rest principles. Nancy, Web API and API frameworks in general are tools we use extensively. Furthermore we are increasingly developing using new technologies like NoSQL data stores like MongoDB.

Along with contracting consultancy working mainly in the client premises, we are always and continuously investing in self-improving and knowledge-sharing activities like attending to conferences and events, doing presentations for clients or peers, experiment with new technologies and ideas and have several research and development projects in progress.

We are currently working on a project which has the potential to grow into a minimum viable product for a new startup.

Marco Consolaro

Founder and Director

Marco's agile management expertise is outstanding: he was able to explain to me and clarify key concepts of agile management like no course or book I read in the last years did. I would recommend Marco if you are looking for effective and concrete advice for your business.

Valentina Ricupero
Project Manager - MIGROS, Zurich (CH)