Alcortech is named after "Alcor", the star Galileo Galilei observed with his first telescope to prove Earth orbits the Sun. Despite the correctness of his intuition, the telescope wasn't yet powerful enough to achieve the proof he wanted.

Yet critical thinking and innovation through observations and experiments triggered the "scientific revolution" in Renaissance period and still are the cornerstones of modern science.

We think that applying the very same concepts and methods to software development is the way forward to more effective ways to work.

We ultimately consider Lean and Agile as frameworks and toolsets functional to achieve empirical proof supported by data in order to take correct decisions after observations.

It doesn't matter if that's applied to technical aspects or at a system level. What matters is to continuously apply the method iteratively to quickly converge to an optimal equilibrium for all the actors to perform best.

Marco Consolaro

Founder and Director
Alcortech Limited - London - Registered in UK - Company number 08577597 - VAT number 164521911